DJ Roman Candles

I'm Roman.
I first got hooked on music when my parents bought me an AM/FM radio at the age of 8. I would build a fort out of sticks and tarp in the back yard and jam out to the 90's alternative rock station in Atlanta with my two Afghan hounds.
In high school I started expanding my musical horizons into dub reggae, hip hop, and house music thanks in part to discovering 88.5 WRAS FM Atlanta, the Georgia State University station.
In 2009 I moved to Honolulu to go to UH Manoa, and joined 90.3 KTUH FM (now 90.1 FM), the college radio station, as well as Ka Leo, the student newspaper. My dad was a college radio DJ in the early 70's, so I was blessed with a sexy on-air voice from birth.
I started helping set up sound equipment for KTUH events around town, and eventually learned how to mix music as a DJ. Through my contacts at the station and around campus, I ended up mixing for more club nights, music festivals, underground beach campouts, and house parties.
In 2013 my best friend asked me to DJ his wedding back in North Carolina, and of course I agreed. From that moment on, I was hooked on creating unforgettable experiences through music.
Soon after I invested in a full high quality sound and lighting system, and started DJing private events regularly. Now I make 30 to 40 events come to life each year, mainly weddings.
Since I graduated UH Manoa in Spring 2015 with a degree in Economics and minors in Spanish, Political Science, and Marine Biology, I've had much more free time to pursue my passions of sailing, SCUBA diving, world traveling, lounging on the beach, finding new music, and rocking all manner of parties.
I had to give up my Thursday 6-9a radio show 'The Morning Jive' to a student in August of 2017, but you can dig the archives on I play an eclectic mix of dub reggae, psychedelic rock, funk, disco, lounge, house, hip hop, and other tasty tidbits.
Give me a call today at 808.371.5560 so we can work together to make your wedding or special event a smash hit!
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